Dream can serve as a gateway to the human mind. In fact, there are several studies that help prove the theory that dreams may be our brains way of letting us know about our problems. Whether they are about being chased by an unknown figure or simply being able to fly, you can discover a lot about yourself based on the types of dreams that you are prone to having. Today, we will explore some common dreams and their meanings.

Before we dive deeper into some of the most common dream symbols, there’s something important that you need to remember. When analyzing your dreams, it’s important to pay attention to specific details. I know the details of your dream are not only hard to remember but they rarely ever make sense. So, don’t pay as much attention to specific people or things, instead focus on thematic differences. Ask yourself what a dream feels like or think about how you were affected by whatever you dreamt about. Your subconscious interprets things in wild and nonsensical ways but underneath all those crazy visuals your dreams can tell you a lot about yourself


I’m sure you’ve had one at least once in your life maybe you were running through your house with a monster nipping at your heels or sprinting down the street or trying to escape a stampede of wild animals, the experience is a little bit different for everyone but the narrative is almost always the same which is you’re being chased by something and you’re running for your life but right before that thing’s about to catch you your dream ends and you wake up in a cold sweat.

So, the big question is what do chase dreams really mean? This dream is most common among those suffering with anxiety and depression.

Dream about being chased

Well researchers actually have a couple of different explanations; one perspective says you’re unconsciously avoiding something; you could be running away from a person, an idea or just some feelings. It could be a breakup or grief. But you’re definitely running away from something and your subconscious is paying the price.

Another interpretation is that Chase dreams represent a guilty mind. You may not realize it but your subconscious could be bogged down by feelings of guilt, maybe you did something that you’re ashamed of or you’re worried that a mistake will come back to bite you, either way that guilt will keep chasing you around until you take the time to figure out why.

Now of course these aren’t the only two explanations out there because chase dreams are so popular that there are dozens of different ways it can reflect a person’s life but one thing’s for sure if you’re having chase dreams there’s something in your life that needs your attention or it could be an emotion you are not ready to confront yet. It can be considered as a positive message and that would prompt from the unconscious to encourage the dreamer to face a problem.


getting late

If you dream about scenarios where you miss a bus, plane, train or some other form of public transportation, usually by just a fraction of a second. This can also pertain to scenarios where you dream about being late for a job interview, performance, or special event. The dream may be mirroring real life regrets you have about not pursuing something you wanted to maybe missing out on seeing your favorite band perform live, or not applying for your dream job on time. In real life, this typically means that you feel like you don’t have control over a certain situation, or you might be headed for trouble in the future.


I don’t know about you, but I find these dreams pretty awesome. I guess it’s safe to say that many of us wish we could fly. Flying dreams where you have the ability to fly are incredibly enjoyable, you can soar through the clouds or through space without a care in the world. It’s fun, it’s freeing and it leaves you wanting more. These dreams are usually positive and may represent feelings of freedom.

Flying in dream

It’s a sign that your life is moving forward for whatever reason you’re feeling free and confident maybe you’re enjoying your newfound success or embarking on an exciting journey. All of these positive experiences trigger a sort of weightless sensation in real life. You’re in a great mood and your confidence is sitting at an all-time high. So that happiness finds its way into your dreams and literally lifts you off the ground.

Nonetheless there is a darker meaning as well flying might show that you have too much on your plate at the moment and that you desperately want to fly above all your problems. So, decide yourself and understand which message your subconscious mind wants to give you.


Have you ever dreamed about meeting a celebrity? According to Lauri Loewenberg, dream expert and author of the book ‘Dream on it: unlock your dreams, change your life’ if celebrities are frequent guests in your dreams, it may signify your desire for the validation and recognition you’re not getting. The type of celebrities that appear in your dreams are also important. When decoding the meaning their field of work can reveal a lot about what you value and admire, maybe deep down you want to be a singer an actor or a TV show host use these dreams to figure out what your subconsciousness is craving and you’ll notice fewer celebrities in your future dream scenarios.


If you’ve had a dream where you found yourself lost or trapped in a large building, being lost in the woods, or in some kind of maze can cause overwhelming feelings, as you can’t find your way out. This type of dream can have various meanings and explanations. The most obvious one is that you have an uncertainty with regards to a particular situation in your life and you are unsure of what steps to take and your subconsciousness is trying to reach out and warn you that maybe you’re going in the wrong direction. The anxiety and panic you feel in your dream are just a reflection of how your deepest self feels right now.

dream about being trapped

Dreams about being trapped indicate that you’re stuck in real life too. You desperately want to change something and move on but you can’t get out of your job, your relationship, your friendship or whatever the situation happens to be. Your deepest self feels helpless and cries for help. So, whenever you have this kind of dream, it’s time to take action and unapologetically remove everything that doesn’t make you happy. Psychologists suggest that being trapped in a dream can show that you’re holding on to your past and therefore can’t live fully in your present. Take some time to re-evaluate your behavior habits and attitude. Be positive and spend more time in understanding yourself.


Imagine you’re in the middle of a dream you’re walking down the street the world seems pretty normal but then you take a small step off the curb and everything changes. Suddenly you’re falling off a cliff tumbling through the air at a million miles per hour, you hurdle closer and closer to the ground until you jolt up out of bed, you look around and realize it was all just a dream. People often believe that having these dreams, or what is better thought of as nightmares, is a prediction of their own death, but this isn’t the case.

dream about falling

The meaning behind this dream is losing control. From here everything depends on the context of your dream, were you pushed or did you just lose your balance. If somebody pushed you this means you’re putting too much pressure on yourself, if you know the person who pushed you they’re probably the one to blame for your stress however if you just lost your balance then the problems are definitely coming from you, you’re going through an unstable period in your life and your main goal should be to work on your confidence and become more assertive. If you’re trying to hold on in your dream that’s both a good and bad sign, you’re trying your best to fix a real-life situation but it’s totally out of your control that’s why your subconsciousness advises you to let it go and accept it as it is.

Well stress is almost always involved if you’re having this dream because something in your life feels out of control and that tension is triggering a stressful experience. So, try to unravel that unnecessary stress in your life and save yourself from falling out of another dream.


Dream about failing

You would think that this dream would be most common amongst students, but actually, that’s not the case. Contrary to what it sounds like, people who dream of this scenario are usually no longer in school. Common dream scenarios involve having trouble finding the test room, being unprepared from lack of studying, or missing equipment to complete it. Having this dream is an indicator that you are feeling tested – causing anxiety about what the future has in store for you. These types of dreams can represent a fear of incompetence or failure. This can be quite common as it is a quite popular. If you dream about test taking it might be because you are afraid of failing at something that is important to you.


Dream about being embarassed

Have you ever felt embarrassed or humiliated in a dream? According to a 2004 study from the Journal of Psychology, interdisciplinary and public embarrassment is another very common dream symbol. The classic example is realizing you’re naked at work or school, sometimes you’re bombing a presentation and the whole room is laughing at you, other times you’re just running around searching for a bathroom. These dreams seem really different right and they are, but each one has the same theme Insecurities. If you’re feeling embarrassed in your dream you could be experiencing something similar in your real life. You might be self-conscious about the way you look or feeling unprepared at work.

And the reason is, that it symbolizes a fear of being judged. And I think we’ve all had that fear. Putting yourself out there can feel daunting and it does take courage. Everyone has a fear of exposing their vulnerabilities. But the only way to diminish those negative feelings is by actually putting yourself out there. The ultimate goal here is self-acceptance. You should be confident and proud of who you are – and that’s exactly what your subconscious wants. This dream is telling you to have more appreciation for yourself and to start loving that reflection you see in the mirror every morning.


Are you finding yourself having the same or similar dream over and over again? If the answer is yes, you should not ignore this. This is your subconscious using the power of repetition to tell you something about your personal growth. This dream will continue, until you finally understand the message your mind is sending you.


Your subconscious mind cannot invent new faces because your subconscious mind only remembers things. So, any face that appears in your dream is a face you have already encountered. This doesn’t however mean that you actually know the person. Well just think about it, your eyes see and take things that your conscious mind doesn’t really pay attention to. Just think of all the people you passed by during the day, maybe faces in a crowd you glanced at. You may not recognize any of those faces but your subconscious mind stored all of them. Most of the main characters in your dreams are however people you would recognize simply because they occupy your thoughts more but sometimes your dreams can come out a strange mix of familiar and unfamiliar people. Have you heard of LUCID DREAMING

These common themes barely touch the surface of the complexity and endless variety and variations of dreams. We know dream interpretation can be entertaining. Interpretation of dream events is subjective. So, we aren’t able to put this theory through rigorous scientific testing. I could go on with the theories for days, but you get the point no one really knows and it’s very difficult to disprove most theories.

The function of Dreams may have even changed as humans have and continue to change across time itself. What once acted as a rehearsal system for evading predators is now serving to help us navigate the social and technological complexity of modern life and it stresses. So, don’t stifle them. They’re only trying to help you.

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Author : Dr. Easminara shaikh


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