Benefits of Ice cubes on face
Benefits of Ice cubes on face

Benefits of Ice cubes on face

1. Skin becomes glowing and radiant 

Ice massages cause the blood vessels in your facial skin to shrink causing reduced blood supply. When temperature comes to its normal value, the blood vessels dilate and flush your skin with increased circulation. This improves the oxygenation and nutrition supply of your skin and makes your skin glowing and radiant. 

2. Reduces inflammation and acne
Ice cubes for acne

The ice cube application causes a reduction in inflammation and redness. This reduces your acne bump and redness. It also causes a reduction in sebum production resulting in lesser acne eruption. 

3. Closes open pores
4. Increases the absorption of the product

If you want to increase the absorption rate of skincare products like serum or cream then you should run an ice cube over it, the constructive effect of cold in the blood vessels it increases the permeability of skin and causes the products to absorb at a higher rate. 

5. Reduces under-eye bags 

Inflammatory conditions and excess stress and strain may cause under-eye eye bags. The most simple and best way to get rid of it is to rub an ice cube over it. Just place an ice cube under the eye and move it in a circular motion and get rid of it easily.

6. Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles

The way you keep anything in the freezer so that it lasts long longer in the same way it works for anti-aging. Regular application of ice cubes on your face helps to reduce the existing fine lines and prevent wrinkles. Aging can’t be prevented but regular ice application helps in the fight against aging symptoms, to keep your skin young for a longer duration.

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Author : Dr. Easminara Shaikh

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