Pillars of treatment – Chikitsa chatushpad
Pillars of treatment – Chikitsa chatushpad

Pillars of treatment – Chikitsa chatushpad

Acharya Charak and Acharya Vagbhat were among the principal contributors to Ayurveda, a system of medicine and Lifestyle developed in India. They both have mentioned in their books that there are four basic factors required for the treatment of any disease or you can even say the four pillars of treatment. 

The four pillars of treatment are – 

भिषग्द्रव्याण्‍युपस्थाता रोगी पादचतुष्टयम् । 
गुणवत् कारणं ज्ञेयं विकारव्युपशान्तये ॥ 

  1. Physician (भिषक्) 
  2. Drug (द्रव्य) 
  3. Nursing staff (उपस्थाता) 
  4. Patient (रोगी) 


Ayurveda has mention four important qualities required for each factor. Let’s get right into it- 

1. Physician 

श्रुते पर्यवदातत्वं बहुशो दृष्टकर्मता । 
दाक्ष्यं शौचमिति ज्ञेयं वैद्ये गुणचतुष्टयम् ॥ 

  1. A physician should have complete knowledge. Theory knowledge is not enough to be a good physician, practical knowledge is also important. He should be someone who knows about everything and remembers everything. So, to be a good physician read more books, avoid skipping topics, read articles, grab knowledge from wherever you can because you never know that what you might need in your future. 
  2. Experience – Experience is important in almost every field. A physician should have an experience of dealing /handling different types of conditions or diseases. He must have seen various types of patients. 
  3. Smart/ Alert – A physician should be smart. Rather than panicking in a critical situation, he should know how to make quick decisions. He should always be alert and ready for any situation. 
  4. Clean – This quality has a deeper meaning. Clean doesn’t only mean wearing clean washed clothes, sanitizing every damn thing, remaining neat and tidy. This word also means to be clean and pure by heart, having no selfish motive, the only motive should be is to help people and solve the problem from which they are suffering from. 
Being a doctor is a very big responsibility it’s a noble job please don’t spoil the job with your greedy intentions. 

2. Drugs/medicines 

बहुता तत्र योग्यत्वमनेकविधकल्पना । 
सम्पच्चेति चतुष्कोSयं द्रव्याणां गुण उच्यते ॥ 

  1. The drug should be easily available. Found in the majority of the stores. Manufactured/grown in the large amount. Eg. Ginger 
  2. Drugs should be effective. The drug should have the capacity to solve the problem or condition rather than increasing. 
  3. A drug should be such that it can be used in many different ways like, with the help of Ginger you can make its sawarasa (extracted juice), kalk (paste), etc
  4. A drug should contain its most basic qualities and you should have also had an idea about their basic qualities (Basic equality – Ras, virya, Vipak, gun, etc.) 

Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability. 
                     – By William 

3. Nursing staff 

उपचारज्ञता दक्ष्यमनुरागश्च भर्तरि । 
शौचं चेति चतुष्कोऽयं गुणः परिचरे जने ॥ 

  1. Nurses should be skillful. They should know their work, whatever the doctor asks them to do they should know how to do it. In short, they should be good in their field. 
  2. A nurse should have knowledge of various services. 
  3. The nurse should always maintain cleanliness because they remain majority time with the patient. They should be clean by heart, speech, and body they should do they work without any selfishness. 
  4. Affection – Been a nurse can be hectic because they continuously have to feed patients medicine, food, deal with their family members and much more work. This can make them a bit irritated but whatever the situation may be a nurse should always have affection for the patient. 

4. Patient

स्मृतिनिर्देशकारित्वमभीरुत्वमथापि च । 
ज्ञापकत्वं च रोगाणामातुरस्य गुणाः स्मृताः ॥ 

  1. Memory – A patient should have a good memory power. He should know when and what was his first symptom, what are the symptoms which he is dealing with. If he is unable to remember all the stuff then how will he convey all the information to the doctor. 
  2. Obedient – Now this is very important. A patient should be obedient. If the doctor asks you to do something then just do it the exact same way. If he prescribes you 1-month medication, you will have to take it for one month, don’t cut short it to 15 – 20 days just because the symptoms have stopped. You should always respect your doctor. If he/she tells you to do something, it always has a reason for it. If you have doubts ask him but always respect his decision. 
  3. Truth – A patient should always say the truth. You should never hide anything from your doctor. You should always feel free to share anything and everything with your doctor because sharing will help him diagnose your disease. 
  4. Tolerant – A patient should be tolerant. He should be mentally prepared that whatever may be the consequences he will be ready for it. He shouldn’t be afraid of needles, surgery, pills, etc. even if he is then he should be mentally and physically prepared to bear the pain. 

Each pillar acts like a limb, each has equal importance in treatment. So, these were all about the basic factors of Ayurveda. For more such ayurvedic content visit medicoved.com

Author : Dr. Easminara Shaikh

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