Aloe vera – 5 Moisturizing Face Mask
Aloe vera – 5 Moisturizing Face Mask

Aloe vera – 5 Moisturizing Face Mask

Before jumping right into the solution, let’s try to understand a little about this magical plant and what in it which makes it so useful and important in both beauty and medicine industry. 
         Aloe Vera also known as Kumari in Sanskrit and Aloe Vera tourn in Latin, this herb is about 1-2 feet tall, grown all over India and western countries. The part most useful are the leaves which is about 30-40 cm in length and 7-10 cm in breath, narrow towards the apex, thorny margins with white spots on the surface. Leaves are fleshy with a slimy and transparent pulp in it. 
         When you cut a leaf a yellow-colored bitter juice oozes out which becomes thick on drying. Now this fluid is very useful for medicine industry. If you know the proper way, even you can use it at home for some common problems like burns, scalds etc. Do checkout my website for more details about it. 
          The transparent, fleshy and the slimy part is used by the beauty industry. The transparent fleshy and the slimy part of the leaf is nothing but stored food of aloe Vera which is rich in nutrients, works as an amazing cooling agent, has anti-inflammatory properties which helps our skin to get rid of acne, pimples or any kind of skin problems. So here are few methods to apply aloe Vera and have a smooth glowing skin. 


Please wash your hands and all the utensils used should be cleaned and sterilized before use because, I guess nobody wants to end up with 2-3 more skin problems while solving 1. 
1. Aloe Vera pulp 
Procedure – With the help of a sharp knife cut an aloe Vera leaf which appears fattier and fleshier, from the base. Now isolate the leaf for few minutes so that all the yellowish fluid oozes out. Wash the leaf properly and cut the edges. Be careful because it contains Thorns. Slice the aloe Vera leaf in such a way that you get to see the fleshy transparent part. Scoop out the fleshy part and keep it in a bowl. Add the bowl of aloevera  and rose water into the grinder and grind it well. 
Store it in a glass jar in refrigerator and you can use this pulp for 1 week only. 
Application – U can use it daily in the morning or before going to bed. Just apply the pulp to your whole face for 30 min and then wash your face with only water. 
2. Aloe Vera + Lemon 
Procedure – Take a half-cut lemon and squeeze the juice in a bowl add a tsp of sugar into it. Mix the whole mixture until the sugar dissolves. Add 2 tsp of aloe Vera gel (any trusted company or homemade aloe Vera pulp). Now add 2 tsp of rose water. 
This mixture cannot be stored for longer duration. 
Application – Apply it daily at night before going to bed for 15 minutes to your whole face and get rid of pimples, acne, etc. quickly 
3.Aloe Vera gel 
Application – aloe Vera gel can be used as a suns cream or moisturizer. The best way to apply aloe Vera gel is to apply before going to bed and keep it for whole night.  

While we are sleeping at night our skin undergoes healing, so applying the whole night would be helpful in healing our skin. 
4. Aloe Vera extract 
Application – You can apply directly aloe Vera extract to your face for 15-20 mins. It helps to lighten the dark circles and gives you a glowing skin. 
So, these were few methods which you can try with the help of aloe Vera to cure pimples and acne. 

These were very few methods in which you can take advantage of aloe Vera. There are many more ways and a lot of benefit of aloe Vera. So, everybody should have an aloe Vera plant at their home. 

Precautions – Before applying anything to your skin first apply the product/mixture to your snuffbox and if it shows no side effects like itching or redness only then you can apply it to your face 
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